New Series on the Church from the Book of Acts

Recently I began a journey through what may be the most exciting book in the New Testament, the book of Acts. The title for this series of sermons is “The Church Unstoppable!”

You can now download or listen to the first installment of this series as I introduce the book and think through the first five verses. Below you’ll find the dates and sermon titles for upcoming messages. If you are in the Houston area on a Sunday, we’d love to see you at Redeemer. May the Lord prosper his word!

7/20/08 “The Lord Knows Your Heart” Acts 1:12-26
7/27/08 “The Church Ablaze” Acts 2:1-13
8/3/08 “Jesus Conquers Death” Acts 2:14-24
8/10/08 “Jesus is Exalted” Acts 2:25-36
8/17/08 “How Can I Be Saved?” Acts 2:37-41
8/24/08 “The Church: A Display of God’s Glory” Acts 2:42-47
8/31/08 “Strengthened by the Power of God’ Acts 3:1-10
9/7/08 “Heed the Message” Acts 3:11-26
9/14/08 “Why One Way?” Acts 4:1-12
9/21/08 “Speaking of Jesus” Acts 4:13-22
9/28/08 “Strengthened by Persecution” Acts 4:23-31
10/5/08 “A Common Center” Acts 4:32-37, Preacher: Billy Newhouse
10/12/08 “Protection, Pride and Perseverance” Acts 5:1-16, Preacher: Billy Newhouse
10/19/08 “The Word Cannot Be Chained” Acts 5:17-32, Preacher: Billy Newhouse
10/26/08 “Are You Fighting Against God?” Acts 5:33-42, Preacher: Billy Newhouse

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One thought on “New Series on the Church from the Book of Acts

  1. Tommy says:

    Travis, thanks for making these available online. I enjoyed the first installment, and look forward to the next. 🙂

    God bless.

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