Catechism? I thought you were Baptist!

Yes, I am and in my church we practice catechetical instruction with our small children. Of course we hope that the majority of the instruction comes from the home…but on Wednesday nights I sit with our 3-8 year olds and review the great doctrines of the faith.

Here is great post on the benefits of the use of catechism at a young age by Challies. Our church uses The Baptist Catechism, by Tom Nettles. If anyone would like to get their hands on it, just leave a post with your e-mail address.

Let’s pray that God would use the building of these truths like wood in the building of a bonfire. Pray that He will light these truths on fire in their hearts!


4 thoughts on “Catechism? I thought you were Baptist!

  1. John says:

    Travis –
    Thanks for this service to Christ’s body! You know, catechism largely fell into disfavor with the advent of liberalism. We can’t have didactic instruction from a culturally situated, morally relative, perspectivally oriented collection of flawed and conflicting theological views, now, can we? In truth, catechism is both theological and systematic, and as such answers a great need in the church today – so that when asked “what does the bible say about _____ ?”, we won’t have to say “gee, let me look that up for you…”
    Blessings, brother!

  2. I like the new format of the blog. I have got my work cut out for me . . .

  3. T. Brents says:

    Travis, Keith (Strahan) loaned me a copy of The Baptist Catechism as rewritten/modified by John Piper. Have you ever skimmed through it? I’m curious what the differences are. I may be able to find out online–I haven’t looked yet. Just curious if you’ve ever viewed it.

  4. Tommy,

    I have not looked through it too much…I’ll try to take a look sometime online.

    Thanks for the comment,


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