Family Driven Faith–Reviewed by Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence, the Associate Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, has recently reviewed Voddie Baucham’s newest book Family Driven Faith.

In my opinion, Lawrence brings us a very balanced and fair review of this potentially paradigm shifting book/ideology. Baucham has spearheaded the “family integrated church” movement and Lawrence asks the question of whether or not we are creating a new problem in order to fix an old one…

Here is a taste test:

As I said at the outset, I’m no fan of age-segregated ministry and largely agree with Baucham’s critique of its ill-effects on the church. And certainly I’m no fan of parental failure in evangelizing and discipling their children. What I don’t agree with is how Baucham links these two matters and tries to fix both, namely, by redefining the church as “a family of families.”

In other words, Baucham moves from examining parents’ responsibility to prescribing a new role, and even culture, of the church. This new ministry paradigm is “family driven” in which “the family is the evangelism and discipleship arm of the family-integrated church” (p. 195). Baucham insists that if we are to be faithful to what the Scriptures teach, “churches must facilitate this commitment” (p. 190). At precisely this point it seems to me that he has ironically placed the church at the service of a newly defined set of consumers.

Read the whole thing here.

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2 thoughts on “Family Driven Faith–Reviewed by Michael Lawrence

  1. Just read this reply from Voddie Baucham which is where the balance is needed, and what Voddie suggests isn’t ‘new’ at all. In fact many churches worldwide in their primitive forms do this, many small inner-city churches are unintentionally doing this. The norm today is what is new–that’s not to say there isn’t MUCH extremes out there (hence why we need healthy churches planted in America) but Voddie isn’t one of those weirdos out there—Lawrence’s critque may sound nice and sweet at least before he brings out the hammer unfairly.
    Don’t realy know you, i was loking for some recent comments on this (random) sorry (and no i don’t attend a FIC church) here is Voddie on Voddie

  2. Jon G says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention Travis. We are to test everything and hold on to that which is good and truthful.


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