The Spoons that Stir Our Souls

What is it that stirs your affections for Christ? How easy is it to forget about his beauty and holiness?

I was recently helped by a post by Matt Chandler on this topic called Inspirations. He basically made two lists: one listed all the things that caused him to neglect Jesus and the other listed those things that stirred his affections for Jesus. Here they are:

What, when I’m doing it, when I’m around it or dwelling on it creates in me a greater hunger for, passion for and worship of Christ and His mission?

1. Early mornings and hot coffee
2. The writings of John Owen (at the time it was The Mortification of Sin)
3. Listening to Lauren sing
4. Walks through graveyards (I know this is weird but it reminded me of mortality)
5. The book of Hebrews
6. Robust dialogue on ecclesiology or missiology
7. Sermons by John Piper
8. Angst-filled music

What, when I was doing it or spending time around it created in me an unhealthy love for this world?

1. Watching too much TV and spending too much time online
2. Staying up late for no reason
3. Following sports too closely
4. Being physically lazy
5. Empty conversations (talking for hours about nothing)
6. Idleness

Read the whole thing.

So, what about you…what about me? I think this is a very helpful topic for you to ponder for the next few days. Make your own list and update it regularly as you move on to new ways to enjoy Christ…and as you fall into new habits of neglecting him.

Hoping for a fresh stirring in my own life and in yours…


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