ESV Study Bible: Interview with NT Editor Tom Schreiner

The New ESV Study Bible

The New ESV Study Bible

“The first print run of Crossway’s new resource, the ESV Study Bible, of 100,000 copies, sold out even before the publication date. New Testament scholar Tom Schreiner served as the New Testament editor of the study Bible.” He was recently interviewed about the content of the new Bible. Here’s a preview:

GB: What is your opinion of the finished product?

Schreiner: I am very pleased with it. With the maps and charts and all the color, it is beautifully executed. I think it is very readable. It is very pleasant to the eye and most importantly, I think the content is excellent.

GB: What aspect of this study Bible do you think will do the most to help Christians to understand their Bibles more accurately?

Schreiner: I think the most helpful thing is the notes. The ordinary Bible reader often needs help understanding, so as you go chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, the notes are brief but substantive. A lot of readers don’t have time to read long commentaries, but with this Bible you get pithy, accurate, theologically-faithful notes that can help a reader grasp the content of the Scriptures, in a relatively short amount of time. It functions as a sort of mini-commentary.

Read the whole thing here.

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One thought on “ESV Study Bible: Interview with NT Editor Tom Schreiner

  1. T. Brents says:

    My wife got me this study Bible for my birthday. It is a beautifully made book. I still prefer my MacArthur commentary.

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