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Hermeneutical Hip-Hop?

Jim Hamilton is an author/scholar. He is a pastor. He is a blogger. He is a professor. He is a godly father and husband. And apparantly now we can add rapper to his resume.

That’s right…Jim has put together a rap called The Messiah in the Old Testament in Seven Minutes . What’s even better is that he actually recited the rap for his class on the Messiah in the OT. Hopefully the audio will be forthcoming!

Here’s the first few verses:

God promised a seed, who would crush the serpent’s head
Adam and Eve hoped in what God said
This can be seen from the naming of the wife
Whereas death was promised, the promised seed means life

What Eve said when Cain and Seth were born
Shows she thought that the seed had been born
The line is traced to Noah, through ten generations
And at his birth his dad thinks its time for vacations

For the land had been cursed because of Adam’s sin
The toil was painful since the loss of Eden
But at the birth of Noah, Lamech hopes for relief
Return to Eden would mean the end of grief

Read the whole thing here.

Here’s a question for readers of Mercy Swimming: What could Jim’s rapper name be? If you have suggestions please comment!! (J-Dog? Hambone? Modern Melchizedek?)


10 Ways to Ruin Your Day Off

I stand convicted by this post.

Colin Adams:

1. Don’t do any planning about how I’m going to rest, relax and reflect – assume that ‘resting well’ just happens when I stop working.

2. Sleep in.

3. Spend most of the day talking about work related things.

4. Spend most of the day silently thinking about work related things.

5. Spend most of the day planning for work related things.

6. Neglect the spiritual disciplines practiced on the other six days.

7. View the day as one to solely satisfy my personal needs, rather than a precious period for quantity-quality time with family.

8. Don’t read Christian books (especially biographies) that nourish, soothe and refresh my soul.

9. Watch TV.

10. Revolve the day around me, rather than fix my eyes on God, the gospel and my Saviour Jesus Christ.

May the Lord give us the grace to make him our Holiday!

Going to ETS Next Week? Rock the Vote!

Denny Burk:

Here’s the gist of what we’ll be debating. The current doctrinal basis of the ETS consists merely of an affirmation of inerrancy and of the Trinity. We propose to expand this basis to include the doctrinal basis of the U.K.’s Tyndale Fellowship. The Tyndale fellowship unites around evangelical truths a broad group of Christian scholars from varying denominational and theological perspectives (Calvinists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Anglicans, etc). The members of the Tyndale fellowship agree to the statement of belief used by the U.K.’s Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

Read Denny’s full post here.

Our First 2 Interviews are Online!


Our first two interviews are now posted online! If you’d like to know more about the trajectory for this audio ministry, click here. Here’s a brief description of the two interviews:

Tommy Dahn on Pastoral Ministry: A good friend of mine once referred to Tommy Dahn as the ideal Southern Baptist Pastor. As you listen to this interview you’ll see why my friend was correct. Tommy has a heart for the local church and a mind that is hungry for the Scriptures. He studies. He preaches. He prays. He endures. I would especially recommend this interview for any man training for the ministry. We found this time to be most beneficial and so I invite you to join us as Tommy shares his experience of God’s grace in his life and ministry with Travis Cardwell and the Redeemer Interns. …

A Single’s Perspective–A Conference Review: As a pastor I find myself increasingly aware of the grace of God in my people. The Lord has gifted us with people from many stages in life and I’m never more encouraged than when I’m around our singles. I had the chance to sit down with two of our single folks: Clay Collum and Erin Volkenburgh recently and get their takes on recent conferences that they both attended. In this interivew Erin reviews and discusses the Desiring God National Conference, 2008 and Clay discusses the Ligonier Regional Conference, 08. We also talk about the benefits of attending conferences in general and how to make the most of your conference experience. If you’re wondering about the noise in the background, we did this interview after our Sunday meeting and lots of people were around (including little ones) Enjoy!

All Alethia Audio can be downloaded here at the new Alethia blog.

(Thanks to Justin Seale for upoading these interviews and to those who gave up an hour to sit down with us!)


“Caring for Complainers”–A Sermon Introduction for Acts 6:1-7

Nobody likes division. “Division means conflict and conflict brings suffering and sadness.” Many point to our nation as being divided on several fronts…not only racial, but social as well. . For example, on our television sets during Hurricane Katrina, we witnessed the suffering of thousands of the poorest of the poor and we saw first hand how the evacuation plans in New Orleans effectively ignored the need to evacuate the poorest 10 percent of the population, those who did not own cars or have money to pay for transportation…Did the government show favoritism…partiality?

Of course we face an even more important division than those that exist in our country….we face division in the church. “One of the chief objections that the Roman Catholic Church had against the Protestant Reformation was the proposed loss of church authority, which was thought to hold the church together. We can safely say that their concern was unfounded, as we see unity all over the world around the gospel. But, that is speaking broadly…I bet if I were to ask you to raise your hands if you had been involved in a “church split” or seen people dig their heels in a church dispute, every hand might go up in this room. One church in Dallas was in such bad shape, each faction filed a lawsuit to claim the church property. During the hearing, the courts learned that the dispute had all begun at a church dinner when a certain elder received a smaller slice of ham that a child seated next to him. This was reported in the newspapers!! Or maybe you’ve read the Dallas Morning News and saw the church that is divided over whether or not the pictorial directory should include gay couples, or gay people individually but not as couples, or whether to omit all individual and family photos. “I heard about a church with a roof that’s green on one side and red on the other. This was done because some members of the church adamantly wanted green and other members adamantly wanted red. The disagreement was so intense that the church was going to split because of it. Finally, a compromise was reached.”

Now, these examples seem far out there, but don’t dismiss the enemy’s work so quickly. We’ve seen Satan attack the church head on in the book of Acts and be defeated by an instant death penalty (5), an angelic jail break and bold sermons that were used by God to convert thousands. But, Satan does not give up. He now strikes the church from the inside…and honesty I think this is where we stand most vulnerable today. I don’t anticipate anyone of you during the confession of sins to admit that you worship Satan and want to start a demonic church…but what about gossip? What about that time that you were overlooked in a conversation…what about when the music wasn’t your favorite or when you were so distracted by that little baby in worship? How will we handle attacks from within? How will we be able to keep from painting our roof two different colors? That’s our need this morning as we look to our text in Acts 6.

Mark Dever, 12 Challenges Churches Face
Kent Hughes, Acts
Surviving An American Church Split


Jim Hamilton “Unplugged”

Recently, Jim Hamilton, the new Associate Professor of Biblical Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sat down “one on one” in a must hear interview…

Jim explains his salvation experience, how he met his wife, his take on balancing school, ministry and family and more in this interview.

Listen to the audio here.

Thoughts on a Historic Tuesday…

Below you’ll find reflections on the election from people that I trust. I think they are worth your time. Join me in praying now for our new President Elect, Barack Obama.

Al Mohler: America Has Chosen a President

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