Our First 2 Interviews are Online!


Our first two interviews are now posted online! If you’d like to know more about the trajectory for this audio ministry, click here. Here’s a brief description of the two interviews:

Tommy Dahn on Pastoral Ministry: A good friend of mine once referred to Tommy Dahn as the ideal Southern Baptist Pastor. As you listen to this interview you’ll see why my friend was correct. Tommy has a heart for the local church and a mind that is hungry for the Scriptures. He studies. He preaches. He prays. He endures. I would especially recommend this interview for any man training for the ministry. We found this time to be most beneficial and so I invite you to join us as Tommy shares his experience of God’s grace in his life and ministry with Travis Cardwell and the Redeemer Interns. …

A Single’s Perspective–A Conference Review: As a pastor I find myself increasingly aware of the grace of God in my people. The Lord has gifted us with people from many stages in life and I’m never more encouraged than when I’m around our singles. I had the chance to sit down with two of our single folks: Clay Collum and Erin Volkenburgh recently and get their takes on recent conferences that they both attended. In this interivew Erin reviews and discusses the Desiring God National Conference, 2008 and Clay discusses the Ligonier Regional Conference, 08. We also talk about the benefits of attending conferences in general and how to make the most of your conference experience. If you’re wondering about the noise in the background, we did this interview after our Sunday meeting and lots of people were around (including little ones) Enjoy!

All Alethia Audio can be downloaded here at the new Alethia blog.

(Thanks to Justin Seale for upoading these interviews and to those who gave up an hour to sit down with us!)


2 thoughts on “Our First 2 Interviews are Online!

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