Hermeneutical Hip-Hop?

Jim Hamilton is an author/scholar. He is a pastor. He is a blogger. He is a professor. He is a godly father and husband. And apparantly now we can add rapper to his resume.

That’s right…Jim has put together a rap called The Messiah in the Old Testament in Seven Minutes . What’s even better is that he actually recited the rap for his class on the Messiah in the OT. Hopefully the audio will be forthcoming!

Here’s the first few verses:

God promised a seed, who would crush the serpent’s head
Adam and Eve hoped in what God said
This can be seen from the naming of the wife
Whereas death was promised, the promised seed means life

What Eve said when Cain and Seth were born
Shows she thought that the seed had been born
The line is traced to Noah, through ten generations
And at his birth his dad thinks its time for vacations

For the land had been cursed because of Adam’s sin
The toil was painful since the loss of Eden
But at the birth of Noah, Lamech hopes for relief
Return to Eden would mean the end of grief

Read the whole thing here.

Here’s a question for readers of Mercy Swimming: What could Jim’s rapper name be? If you have suggestions please comment!! (J-Dog? Hambone? Modern Melchizedek?)


3 thoughts on “Hermeneutical Hip-Hop?

  1. Hamdizzle says:

    Melcheezy, fo’ sheezy!

  2. JHam. Light J. Jazzy J. Dr. P.H.D. Lil’ Merrill. Scholar Balla’. Masta Ham. Saint James.

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