Pray for James MacDonald

…because he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. In this post he explains how God is giving his family grace during this time. It is extremely encouraging!

Here’s a clip:

So that’s it! I have cancer and I can diagnose the theology as well as any oncologist can diagnose the pathology. But here’s the great part. I truly believe those things. I am not especially anxious, I am not struggling with God’s goodness or asking a lot of penetrating ‘why’s?’ I am more aware of my pending mortality and the brevity of this life by eternal standards.

(HT: Straight Up)


One thought on “Pray for James MacDonald

  1. Mike D. says:

    Hi Trav,

    Came to see what was up on your blog and this entry caught me totally off guard. I listen to Pastor James every chance I get… he was the pastor that discipled me to and in Christ as I listened to his sermons every morning. I’m so upset about this news (writing this through my tears) and yet take great encouragement from his blog post. Thank you for the call for prayer… I will certainly be doing so.

    I hate cancer, but I LOVE the Lord God who is in control of it.
    mike d.

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