New Alethia Interview: Dr. Denny Autrey

Dr. Denny Autrey

This week I had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Denny Autrey in his office to talk together about his life and ministry. Dr. Autrey is the Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Dean of the J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies in Houston, Texas–the growing extension campus for SWBTS.

Dr. Autrey has pastored churches in Texas and Oklahoma for over 20 years. He earned his M.Div.BL and D.Min from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Ph.D from SWBTS in the field of Expositional Preaching. Dr. Autrey is married to Angela, and he has three daughters.

Enjoy this discussion that spans from Dr. Autrey’s conversion and call into pastoral ministry to the state of the church today and the relationship between the local church and the seminary. Enjoy!

Link to Audio here: Preaching and Preachers with Dr. Denny Autrey


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