A Blessing for Adelyn Grace

Adelyn Grace

Adelyn Grace

A sweet couple in my church passed this along to me. Their son, Zach wrote it originally for his new baby niece and I’m also praying it for my new little girl, born on Friday morning.

May The Lord give her the beauty of Eve.
May God grant her Ruth’s faith and loyalty.
May she be as cherished as Jocob’s Rachel.
May God make her as fruitful as Leah.
May The Lord give her Abigail’s wisdom.
May God grant her the courage of Esther.
May God give her Rebekah’s servant heart.
May God give her the gentle spirit of Sarah.
May Christ appear to her as to Mary Magdalene.
May The Lord grant her Deborah’s strength.
May she believe the Lord as Mary did.
May God consider her righteous as Elizabeth.
May she be zealous for Christ as Anna was.
May The Lord grant her Lydia’s wealth.

Author: Zachary Maxcey


One thought on “A Blessing for Adelyn Grace

  1. A beautiful baby and a beautiful blessing.

    We love you guys!

    -Billy and Stephenie

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