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Is Your Pastor a Shepherd or a Star?

Mark Dever just returned from Sabbatical and his first two sermons back at CHBC are on “The Pastor” and “The Church.”

This past Sunday, he preached number one in this two part series and you can listen here.


Texts: 1 Peter 5 and Acts 20:28


“Biblical Relationships” Talk Now Online

Will She Say Yes?

Will She Say Yes?

The past Saturday at the Redeemer Institute, we sought to present a biblical perspective on relationships.

You can now listen to my talk entitled “Doing All to the Glory of God—Exalting and Enjoying Christ in Our Relationships” online.

I’d love to hear any feedback that you have for me. We also had an insightful panel discussion, but the sound recording left something to be desired. If and when it becomes available, I will post it here.

Click here to listen.

*Photo courtesy of Joe and Jill Rowan on the night that they were engaged!

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Redeemer Institute This Weekend!

You can now downoad the flyer for the Redeemer Institute this weekend on the topic of Courtship and Dating…

I hope to see you there!


Redeemer Institute–Spring Series

I am excited to invite you to Baptist Church of the Redeemer this Spring for our 2009 Redeemer Institute Series. Below you’ll find a list of times and dates for each session, along with a brief summary of each seminar. I hope to see you this Spring!
(Click here to download flyer)

Saturday, Feb. 21 How Do I Find a Mate? (9:30 am—12:30 pm)
Is there a biblical way to find a mate? What do the scriptures say and not say? In this short presentation and panel discussion, we will discuss the topic of how parents, children, young adults, and older adults can approach the topic of how they go about finding fulfillment in this life here on earth. The panel will consist of parents and children at various stages of the marriage process, including one couple currently engaged. This session is designed for church leaders, parents, teachers, singles, youth, and adolescents.

Friday-Saturday, March 27-28 John Owen Bible Conference (7:00-9:00 pm/9:00 am-Noon)
Jim Hamilton, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Our own Jim Hamilton, founding pastor of Baptist Church of the Redeemer and now Associate Professor of Biblical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will be here to preach the spring Bible conference, honoring the great English Congregationalist preacher and theologian, John Owen.

Friday, April 11 Passover Seder Meal (6:00-9:00 pm)
A Seder is a celebration of the exodus of the Children of Israel from their bondage in Egypt. A Passover like what Jesus ate on the night He was betrayed. The Seder will be held the Saturday before Resurrection Day. Children are encouraged to come. There are parts built in specifically for them to participate in and enjoy! The cost will be $5 per adult and $2 per child under 12, with a $15 family maximum.

Friday, April 24 Leading Your Little One’s to God (7:00-9:30 pm)
Baptist churches between 1977 and 1997 increased the baptism of children six and under by 250 percent. With so many churches preaching an easy believism, are the massive numbers of young children being baptized placing their faith in the true Christ, or in belief itself? These and other questions will be addressed as we explore the duties that parents and church leaders have in evangelizing children, and unbiblical practices that may look good on the surface, but in the end lead many to believe they are saved when they are not, as well as welcome the unregenerate into the church, and denigrate the Gospel itself.

Friday, May 22 Manhood and Womanhood: Equipping for Success (7:00-9:30 pm)What can parents do to train their children to be successful in marriage, family, and leaving a godly legacy? This session will focus on biblical passages regarding the responsibilities children have not only to their parents, but to society and culture. The Bible is not silent regarding foolishness in children, nor regarding the attributes of godliness. In an image dominated culture, how do parents navigate the many pitfalls of family life in the twenty-first century? How much freedom do you give your adolescent or teen? What limitations must you have? Join us as we delve into these issues and see what the Bible says… and doesn’t say.


Kevin De Young on the Office…

“So, on the one hand, I think the show is very funny. Its satire of corporate America and its ingenious characters always provide many opportunities to laugh aloud. But on the other hand, the sexual innuendo, sexual sin, sexual perversity, and sexual talk, always give me reasons to cringe. So over the past few years I’ve been up and down about the office. At times I’ve really enjoyed it and have even been thankful for its humor as a gift from God. At other times I’ve mentioned to others (including our college students a college retreat) about how it offends my conscience.”

Click here to read the whole thing.

Let each one be convinced in his own mind…

(HT: De Young, Restless and Reformed)