Serving and Stewarding Through the Blogosphere

In reflection of Tullian Tchividjian’s brief talk at the Band of Bloggers Fellowship, focused on pastoral blogging, I have been inspired to re-focus Mercy Swimming on serving my particular local church. I don’t mean that things around here are going to be exclusively relative to Baptist Church of the Redeemer’s events, sermons or other happenings, but I do want there to be a renewed focus on serving the church through my blog (as much as that is possible). After all this could be a tool for shepherding the flock of God…Now, it is a very small tool, but nonetheless it could be used for God’s glory…So, here are two new aspects of Mercy Swimming to look forward to:

1. A Recap/Reflection on the Gospel Coalition Conference (and other upcoming conferences or events)–Ever experienced a conference or camp high? Most of us can relate to having a mountaintop experience only to come back to reality when we arrive at home. We are met by the same problems, struggles and difficulties that we cheerfully left behind as we boarded that airplane to fly to wherever. So, how do we maintain that “conference high?” How do we seek to cultivate enduring fruit from these gifts of God called conferences? I think the main keys are reflection and application. So, this week I’ll be reflecting on the recent Gospel Coalition National Conference and posting those reflections along with applications to my own ministry at Redeemer.

2. Monday Morning Quarterbacking–You probably know this guy right? He sits around the water cooler talking about “Even he could have done better than (fill in the blank) last Sunday on the football field.” We’ll, this is fairly similar, except I’ll mainly be doing the quarterbacking along with your help. See, it is a regular occurrence for me to be thinking about my sermon from the previous day, only to realize certain things (important things!) that went unsaid…or to realize things that were said that should have remained in my brain, not making the journey to my mouth…We’ll this will be an opportunity for me to identify some of those things, clarify some confusion and/or just apologize for blowing it! I hope that you’ll join in with your own feedback, whether members at Redeemer or those listening online.

I hope these two new aspects of Mercy Swimming will serve it’s readers as we all seek to serve and steward the time that we’ve been given.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!


One thought on “Serving and Stewarding Through the Blogosphere

  1. Desiree says:

    We loved the message yesterday. In Sunday School, Bill camped out on Romans 6 saying that we are new creatures. It’s done. Then the sanctification that follows is all of grace. He said we won’t really grow until we get that. Then a great message on how the gospel will change our church. Yes, I believe God wants to reach Houston through our church. It’s such a precious church – properly postured to welcome people. Also, last night I was able to identify a prejudice in my heart toward rednecks that like hick country music. May I change and may God send lots of rednecks to our church for me to befriend and encourage in the gospel! Anyway, we were so happy after a day spent thinking about the affects of the gospel on our lives and the church.

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