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The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

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The Practice of the Mind: Solo Sex, a CCEF Audio Clip

Once again CCEF has given us a great resource on a topic that no one wants to talk about. So, if you’re asking the question: What’s Wrong with Masturbation and Sexual Fantasy?…check out Winston Smith’s answer here.

Here’s a preview:

Masturbation, pornography, sexual fantasies…what’s so bad about these? No one gets hurt, right? Aren’t they better than indulging in actual sexual indecencies with other people? CCEF faculty member Winston Smith addresses the issue of what’s sinful (if anything) about these supposedly “victimless” indulgences.

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New Website for Baptist Church of the Redeemer

Today the new website for Baptist Church of the Redeemer went live! Take a moment and browse around to see some of the new features and the new look.

Be sure to check your podcast feeds to make sure they are the same for the weekly sermons. Also, you’ll need to change your podcast settings for Alethia Audio. We have a new sermon player dedicated to the audio from the Redeemer Institute as well, so be sure to sign up! Here’s all you need to know:

New Podcast Links:

Redeemer Sermons:

Alethia Audio:

The Redeemer Institute:

I want to be sure and thank the folks who have worked to make this happen: Thanks to John Thacker who created and maintained our previous website. Thanks to Joseph Doty who worked on getting things together with servers and who was patient with pastors who change their minds often! Thanks to the folks at Faith Connector who made this really easy. Thanks to Richard Fields who took the initiative to get this thing done and who oversaw the entire project.

Our prayer is that this website will serve the saints at Redeemer and those across the city for many years to come. Stay tuned for upcoming additions as they become available.