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What If My Husband is Nominated to the Eldership and Our House is a Wreck?

John Piper gives wise counsel here:

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Turning the World Upside Down–Sermon Audio

My sermon from Sunday, “Turning the World Upside Down,” from Acts 17:1-15 is available here.

May God prosper His Word!

Tommy Dahn on Humility and Intimacy in the Body of Christ

This past Sunday at Redeemer, we had the joy of having Mr. Tommy Dahn preach the Word to us! Tommy is the Senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Pasadena, Texas. My friend and former pastor, Jim Hamilton once said that Tommy is the “ideal Southern Baptist pastor.” He preaches the word faithfully and loves his people relentlessly.

Tommy planned to preach on the entire book of Philippians, but only made it through chapter 2! All of us preachers can understand that! When he finished preaching, I found myself wanting to invite him back to preach on the rest of the book!

You can download, stream or podcast (if you have not already!) here.

Also, I recently interviewed Tommy on the topic of pastoral ministry. You can access that interview and others here.

Note: Tommy plans to preach this book in about 4 months to his congregation. You can listen to sermons from Providence here.

May God prosper his word in Houston and beyond!

“Do Hard Things,” Reviewed by Caraline Cardwell

August 11, 2009

I, Caraline Cardwell, have just finished a book that has changed many lives. Do Hard Things, by Brett and Alex Harris, is an amazing book. I recommend this book to all teens who feel as if they have no purpose in their life. Or, perhaps feel as if they do, but can’t figure out how, or can’t find the courage to to fulfill their purpose in life. This book is all about stepping out of your little bubble or your comfort zone. It has many good stories of just regular teenage video game freaks who, after reading this book, do incredible things that they would never have dreamed of. It has encouraged me to do hard things. Pass this book to a friend who maybe feels like the person that I have described above, lonely, and with no purpose. Maybe they will do hard things. (I also recommend their blog, ‘’)

One of my friends has just discovered some awful things that people do to weak children in orphanages and wants to help. I told her to become a missionary when she grows up, but she wants to do something now. She wants to help. I recommended this book to her, because there are a lot of similar stories of teens who want to do something but can’t figure out how. On the other hand, maybe you are just a lazy bum, who sits around watching TV all day. That’s your life. There is nothing else to it. To our culture, the things that aren’t really hard are, like making your bed, cleaning your room or putting away your clothes. Those things are “hard” to us. You need to become a, “rebelutionary.” You might not have heard the word, ‘rebelution’ before. Maybe it’s because Brett and Alex made it up! They combined “rebellion” &, “revolution.” Are you a rebelutionary?

I learned some interesting things. First of all, people expect more of babies than they do teens. WOW! They expect babies to sit up. They expect babies to crawl. They expect them to walk. They don’t expect hardly anything from teenagers. I made a decision. I have never read the whole bible. I love to read, with a capital, L. I have read books thicker than the Bible. Why don’t I have such a desire to read the Holy book, but am stuck on reading other stuff that is not as good? So every morning I’m planning to read three chapters, and every night I’ll read three chapters. So, I’ll be reading 6 chapters a day, 42 chapters a week, and 183 chapters a month. (If you are a young person, I would also recommend, Day by Day Bible. It is a kid’s version of the Bible and has an assignment each day for you, so you can read the bible in a year, if you follow the schedule.)

So if you haven’t read this book yet, then I highly recommend it! It is my favorite book, (and I have read a lot!) and hope that it will be yours. Farewell, and I hope that you consider this amazing book.

NOTE: If you attend Baptist Church of the Redeemer, you can buy or check this book out from our Book Nook. The foreward is by Chuck Norris!

Caraline Cardwell is currently 11 years old and has two brothers (Brayton and Caleb) and one baby sister (Adelyn).

Pretend Christianity?

John Thacker preached a great sermon Sunday on James 2:18-26, entitled “Living Faith.” You can download, stream or podcast here.

John’s sermon was extremely clear and encouraging. There is a temptation to give into moralism when we approach practical sections of God’s word. John serves us well be rooting his exhortation (like James does) deep in the roots of the gospel. Enjoy!

Link to Sermon

Sermon Preview for Sunday, August 9th at Redeemer

I love to play pretend with my kids. We pretend to be all sorts of things: characters from The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, ferocious animals, warriors, professional athletes…you name it. The big idea behind pretending (pretense) is that you act like you are something that you are not, for a period of time. These games of pretend don’t usually last very long. I may “pretend” to have been killed in battle, but in about a minute, I eventually open my eyes and put my tongue back in my mouth and stand up. You can’t pretend forever.

Children are not the ones who play this game. Imagine a grown man walked into an office building as people were busily typing away at their computers and screamed “I’ve just been mugged!” Everyone is shocked and runs quickly to investigate the situation. Curiously, as he tells his story of being beaten, held at gunpoint and violently robbed, his co-workers begin to notice that his suit is still nicely in place, as if it were just from the cleaners. His tie is perfectly tied and his hair is combed just right. His shoes are shiny and his Rolex watch is still ticking. It slowly becomes clear that this man was not mugged, but simply looking for an excuse for being late to work again. One thing about pretending is that eventually your profession and your reality will meet and you will be exposed.

The purpose of the book of James is to expose pretenders. In this letter, James, the brother of Jesus and head of the Jerusalem Church, seeks to discuss true religion, true faith and true wisdom. This week at Redeemer, we are excited to have Mr. John Thacker preaching from James 2:18-26, as he considers “Living Faith.” Did you know that one day many professing, Sunday school going, church attending people will be found to be pretenders? James says that even the demons believe God and shudder. What constitutes a demonic faith? It seems to be professed faith that is not evidenced in grace filled works of righteousness. So, how does your profession (I’ve just been robbed) line up with the evidence? What are the evidences of true regeneration? How can we spot empty works in our lives and repent of them? How can we practice true religion and repent of the false religion that only destroys? Join us this week as we are reminded that faith without works is the worst game of pretend that anyone could ever play.


The Folly of Idolatry

I preached a sermon on Sunday (August 2nd) regarding Idolatry from Acts 16:22-40. Then I saw the below video on Justin Taylor’s blog…Check it out.

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