The Fiery Trial of Popularity

Lord willing I will be preaching on the life of George Whitefield on the last Sunday of December at Redeemer. Preaching a biographical sermon on one of the cherished Saints of old is my attempt to stir the souls of God’s people into a fresh awareness of our need for Christ each new year. In preparation I’m reading Arnold Dallimore’s biography, George Whitefield.

Whitefield was perhaps the most popular preacher of our time. It was not a big deal for him to preach to 10,000 people outdoors. People flocked to him in London so much that he could not even walk in the streets. How did he handle this trial of prosperity?

“The tide of popularity began to run very high. In a short time I could no longer walk on foot, but was constrained to go in a coach from place to place, to avoid the hosannas of the multitude. They grew quite extravagant in their applause, and had it not been for my compassionate High Priest, popularity would have destroyed me. I used to plead with him to take me by the hand and lead me unhurt through this fiery furnace. He heard my request and gave me to see the vanity of all commendations but his own.” (Dallimore, pg 29)

May the Lord lead us through this next year seeking His commendation alone.


One thought on “The Fiery Trial of Popularity

  1. Desiree says:

    Sounds great! we heard a great thing about him today at Precept. Someone was making fun of him and acting like him, reciting one of his sermons word for word. Then, in the middle of it, they got convicted, stopped and just sat down!!!!!!!! That is so funny! : )

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