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Has Science Buried God?

Dr. Andy Davis gives his answer below. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a retreat after T4G this year. I found this on Thabiti’s blog and this is what he says about Dr. Davis:

I don’t know of anyone better qualified to address this issue for us. Not only is Andy a faithful expositor of God’s word, he’s also an MIT graduate. He’s quite capable of thinking both about the merits of science’s claims as well as the queen of the sciences, theology.

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9 Marks + Hip Hop = “The Church: Called and Collected,” New From Lampmode

The Church: Called and Collected

New Record from Lampmode

So glad to see the following in the inbox this morning:

9Marks has teamed up with Lamp Mode Recordings to release The Church: Called and Collected, a hip-hop album on the nine marks featuring Shai Linne, FLAME, Trip Lee and more.

Click here to purchase.

This album adapts Mark Dever’s Nine Marks of a Healthy Church to the hip-hop community in order to communicate valuable messages on preaching, membership, discipline, church leadership, and other key marks of healthy church life.

I’m looking forward to jamming to this soon! If you’ve never listened to this genre of hip hop, you might be surprised how Christ-centered and Biblical these songs can be. It’s like combining a sermon, a lecture on Biblical Theology and Ecclesiology with a rhythmic sound and beat that’s near intoxicating! Our family loves it. I hope you will give it a try!


What Does Greek Have to do With the Gospel?

Bill Mounce is a hoss. He is a stud. He is the man. He knows Greek–he writes text books that I read in seminary and that I still look at often when I’m puzzled over a word. But his study is not purely academic. His desire is not to encourage Bible geeks, but to feed our understanding of God and the gospel. Studly.

Every Monday, you can visit this blog for a series called Monday’s with Mounce. Here he takes something that he’s learning and shares it with a growing audience of readers. . . Here’s his take on the series, which I highly recommend you subscribe to:

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How You Can Pray for Me This Summer

I’m only preaching once this summer at my church. . . I’ve had that a few people are a little worried about me. Here’s a few things that I’ve heard (wink): Are you taking a preaching sabbatical? Are you taking early retirement? Are you taking a 3 month vacation? Are you crazy? Is your marriage in crisis? Are you fleeing the country? Are you spending all summer training for the Care Group Leader Basketball Tournament? I can safely answer “no” to all of the above questions, although I am training for the basketball tournament and I am a bit crazy. But, the truth is, I am only preaching once this summer. Here’s why:

1. I desperately want our church to be built on the Word of God, not on me. So, whenever I have opportunity to let other brothers use their gifts, I want to. I am blessed with several other men who are gifted to preach. I understand that my gift set is not sufficient for our church. Thus we have a plurality of elders who shepherd the flock of God with me. They are stronger than me in MANY areas. They fill in where my gifts lack. Also the other brothers who preach and teach are different than I am–different personalities, different skin colors, different senses of humor (not necessarily better:) and different preaching styles. This variety serves the body well. The Word never changes, even though the preacher might. As Spurgeon said, Wesley and Whitefield might preach the gospel better than I can, but they cannot preach a better gospel!

2. There are several leadership/vision/direction/housekeeping needs at our church that need to be addressed. So, the main reason that I’m writing this post is to let you know how to pray for me this summer. . . and to let some folks know that I won’t be playing video games all summer and sitting by the pool 🙂 Many of my goals are more personal and church specific, so I won’t be sharing those. . . but most are not. So, here are my goals for this summer:

*Spend time reflecting on and refining my God-given roles in life as a follower of Jesus, a husband to Alicia, a father to Caraline, Brayton, Caleb and Adelyn, and as the pastor of Baptist Church of the Redeemer.

*Plan and Prepare Messages for Redeemer’s Family Camp in August.

*Plan the next year of sermons through the Gospel of Mark.

*Work on Care Group application questions from the book of Mark for the fall.

*Organize and Launch 3 new Care Groups by the fall.

*Schedule and Plan Redeemer Institutes for the fall and spring.

*Prepare to Launch Redeemer’s Parent/Youth Ministry in the fall.

*READ, READ, READ: The Gospel of Mark (over and over). . . and other books on my summer reading list.

*Work on finishing up a writing project.

*Rewrite/Update our Starting Point Material (new members class)

I really would appreciate your prayers for me this summer, and for the brothers who will be preaching through the book of Proverbs (2-7) in July and August. May God move in a powerful and mysterious way and prosper His Word among us!!

Baptism Now Saves You. . .What Did He Say??

Dr. Jim Hamilton explains Peter’s puzzling statement in 1 Peter 3:21 in his sermon entitled “The Floodwaters of Judgment,” preached at Baptist Church of the Redeemer last Sunday (June 6, 2010).

Listen here!


SBC 2010 & GCR Roundup by Trevin Wax

I’m heading to Orlando in a couple of weeks to join with thousands of other Southern Baptists for our 2010 Annual Meeting. The biggest item on the agenda this year will be the report from the Great Commission Task Force. Trevin Wax has a helpful summary of what the report says and what the debate is centered around.

I encourage all of the members at Redeemer to read this and get an idea of what the issues are this summer. . . Here’s why you should read his article:

Whenever two points of view become overly politicized, the rhetoric heats up. Hype can eventually obscure reality, leading to misunderstandings and miscommunication on the part of both camps. GCR supporters have sometimes spoken as if this resolution will be the spark of a worldwide revival which will send renewal through the SBC. GCR detractors have sometimes spoken as if these resolutions would end the SBC as we know it and destroy all our cooperative efforts.

In this article, I wish to cut through the hype by briefly summarizing the final GCR proposal and the contending viewpoints, providing clarity regarding these recommendations.

Read the whole thing here.

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