SBC 2010 & GCR Roundup by Trevin Wax

I’m heading to Orlando in a couple of weeks to join with thousands of other Southern Baptists for our 2010 Annual Meeting. The biggest item on the agenda this year will be the report from the Great Commission Task Force. Trevin Wax has a helpful summary of what the report says and what the debate is centered around.

I encourage all of the members at Redeemer to read this and get an idea of what the issues are this summer. . . Here’s why you should read his article:

Whenever two points of view become overly politicized, the rhetoric heats up. Hype can eventually obscure reality, leading to misunderstandings and miscommunication on the part of both camps. GCR supporters have sometimes spoken as if this resolution will be the spark of a worldwide revival which will send renewal through the SBC. GCR detractors have sometimes spoken as if these resolutions would end the SBC as we know it and destroy all our cooperative efforts.

In this article, I wish to cut through the hype by briefly summarizing the final GCR proposal and the contending viewpoints, providing clarity regarding these recommendations.

Read the whole thing here.

(HT: DB)


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