Billy Newhouse on the Deception of Sin

Each week Billy Newhouse writes sermon previews in order to prepare our church for the upcoming Sunday meeting. He consistently writes thought provoking and convicting stuff! I wanted to share this from his preview of David Joseph’s upcoming sermon on Proverbs 5 entitled “Are You Deceived by Sin?” Enjoy!

Buyer’s remorse. Everyone knows this dreaded feeling. You have spent your hard earned dollars on some particular item only to end up wishing you hadn’t made the purchase. Instead of feeling satisfied in your decision you are left with disappointment and regret. Consider the new couch that looked perfect in the store, but when you brought it home it just didn’t seem to fit with your existing furniture. The piece that was going to tie everything together has not only failed on its promise, but now it sticks out like a sore thumb. How could this have happened? It’s possible you don’t necessarily have an eye for picking the right furniture, but more than likely you have been a victim of marketing. The couch in the stored looked good for a number of reasons. It was sitting next to other complimentary pieces, placed on a high-end area rug, nestled next to a fancy lamp, and placed under the ideal lighting. And this use of marketing doesn’t just apply to furniture. All types of media (movies, commercials, TV shows, banner ads, billboards, etc.) push an agenda that promises the good life. Wicked things that God opposes are given a false spin and millions of people are duped into chasing after them, but at the end of the day it leaves the seeker with nothing but a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

As we continue our current series Questioning Wisdom in Proverbs, we see the father moves from more general instructions on wisdom to a specific warning regarding adultery. And contrary to the glamour and excitement that’s depicted by TV shows, the choice of adultery is defeating and deadly according to God. The son is warned not to be enticed by the smooth words of the adulteress nor to go near her house. Although the initial call might be appealing, the end result is folly and groaning. You don’t have to look far to find someone who has destroyed their marriage, family, ministry, and reputation and is left feeling alone, disappointed, and penniless as his paycheck is covering child support and alimony. On the other hand take a peek at the couple who has been married 40 years. They have grown old together and have seen their outer beauty fade, but the joy and contentment they share as they sit on the porch together is a lasting joy that adultery can’t match. God has designed sex to be a good thing, yet anytime we pervert His good gift we left with buyer’s remorse.

This Sunday David Joseph will consider these truths in Are you Deceived By Sin? from Proverbs 5. The father in Proverbs 5 understands how deceitful sin can be, and in turn gives his son a vivid picture of what sin really looks like. It’s offer of life is really an offer of death. It’s offer of sweetness is really an offer of bitterness. It’s offer of personal fulfillment is really an offer ravishment. But the father doesn’t just leave the son with a cautionary tale. He then lifts up the institution of marriage and proves to the son how enjoyable the wife of his youth is. Married folks, how are you doing in rejoicing in your God-given spouse? When the allure of others seeks to pull you away, do you look at that sin and see it as a gigantic wrecking ball seeking to destroy you? Singles, how are you doing in the area of purity? Are you walking in faithfulness? Friends, we shouldn’t think that what we do in private is secret. The father says, “For a man’s ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all his paths (v.21).”


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