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VIDEO: Family Camp 2.0 Sonic Conversation Between Travis & Billy. . .

Big thanks again this year to Jason Allison for putting together the script and video! It was lots of fun. . . and it did get a few laughs.

Family Camp ’11 messages from Craig Cabaniss [The Gospel According to Ruth} are now online. . .

This past weekend our church family had the opportunity to retreat together for our annual church Family Camp. This year our speaker was author, pastor and speaker Craig Cabaniss. Craig is the senior pastor of Grace Church in Frisco, TX. He is also a member of the leadership team of Sovereign Grace Ministries and a contributing author to the book Worldliness, recently published by Crossway. He and his wife Ginger have four children.

Over three sessions together, Craig walked through the book of Ruth considering “The Gospel According to Ruth.” The sessions can all be accessed at our sermon page at Here’s an outline of Craig’s messages from Ruth:

Session 1: Grace and the Prodigal Daughter, Ruth 1:1-6

Session 2: God’s Grace to the Bitter and Rejected, Ruth 1:7–2:23

Session 3: God’s Redeeming Grace, Ruth 3-4

I can’t recommend these messages, or the ministry of Craig Cabaniss more highly. Take some time and listen to God’s story of grace in Ruth and be reminded of that story in your own life.

My favorite quote from the weekend summed up the book well: “Grace is always God’s last word to His people.” ENJOY!

Visiting Redeemer this Sunday? Here Are Some Major Schedule Changes that You Need to Know (Due to Family Camp)

This Sunday morning the majority of our church will not be at our normal location for worship. We will be at Trinity Pines Retreat Center, at our second annual Family Camp, returning Sunday afternoon.

However, there will be a worship service at Baptist Church of the Redeemer on Sunday. So, if you’re unable to join us for Family Camp, or you’re planning to visit Redeemer, let me encourage you to attend on Sunday. Here are the significant changes that you’ll need to be aware of:

1) Location: The location of our service will be in the same building (Main Building as you come into the campus). We have moved the service from the main sanctuary to a smaller assembly room nearby. You can enter through the same door that you would as if you were heading to the sanctuary and follow the signs and greeters to the proper location.

From the main double doors: Walk down the hall (sanctuary on your left) and take your first right down the hall. Then turn right just before you enter “David’s Hall.” The assembly room will be the first room on your left.

2) Time: The time of our service will be the same as usual: 10:40am.

3) Sunday School & Lunch: There will be no Sunday School or Fellowship lunch this week. We will resume both SS and lunch next week, Lord willing.

4) Childcare: There will be no nursery or children’s church this week. However areas outside of the assembly room will be open to parents if needed.

If you have other questions about this Sunday’s service, please call 832-655-2515.