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VERY Helpful Articles on Evangelism from 9 Marks #tc


Evangelism in the Workplace

Counsel on workplace evangelism from someone whose faith is the fruit of workplace evangelism.

By Ashok Nachnani

Reaching the “Converted”

Some of pastors’ most obvious evangelistic opportunities are with members of our churches. But how can we reach them?

By Bob Johnson

Evangelism across Economic Boundaries

The first lesson in evangelizing across economic boundaries? We’re not all that different.

By Mike McKinley

How can Churches Evangelize their Neighborhoods?

How can you reach those near your church, especially when most members don’t live there?

By Jeff Cavanaugh

Three Lessons for Cross-Cultural Evangelism

How can you evangelize across cultures? Communicate clearly, proclaim the Word, use the church.

By John Folmar

Evangelizing the Nations at Home

Four lessons from one church’s efforts to reach internationals in its own metro area.

By Andy Johnson

The Gospel for a Gay Friend

The beauty of the gospel is that it addresses every area of their life, not just one expression of the fall.

By Garrett Kell

Evangelism without an Altar Call

Wait, you can do evangelism without an altar call? Read on.

By Aaron Menikoff

What is evangelism?


Who should evangelize?


How can a pastor develop a church’s corporate evangelistic witness?