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Why I’m voting for David Hamilton for Texas State Representative in Fort Bend County

My friend David Hamilton is running for Texas State Representative in Fort Bend County. David is a Christian who teaches Sunday School at his church and has been very active in pro-life ministry. He and his wife Katie have two young children – a two-year-old named Brad and a newborn named Brooklynn. David played college and semi-pro basketball, and now works in the oil & gas industry. As a State Rep he will be a leader we can trust to do the right thing and fight to build a better future for Texas.

He is running against an incumbent State Rep who has been arrested twice on felony charges, is currently under indictment on 10 felony counts, and is currently being sued by 15 different health care companies in the Houston area that accuse him of basically stealing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.These alleged illegal activities hurt small businesses and drive up health care prices in our community – yet he campaigns on his support for small businesses and affordable health care! Here is an article about the incumbent’s legal troubles:

Please consider helping David in one or more of the following ways:

  • Forward this email to anybody who cares about Texas, and would prefer a strong Christian conservative to a personal injury lawyer with serious legal baggage
  • “Like” David’s facebook page at
  • “Follow” David on twitter at
  • Make a donation to his campaign at or by mailing a check to: David Hamilton Campaign; 810 Hyacinth Place; Missouri City, TX 77459
  • Tell your friends, neighbors, and family that there is a Texas State Rep under indictment on felony charges who could be making decisions that impact you, your family, and your business and that David is running to restore integrity to HD27!

Coldly Calculating the Price of Human Life

Abortion has been on the mind of many Houstonians lately, especially with the construction of an enormous new clinic in our midst. How do you calculate the price of a human life? An article from the National Review blog gives a chilling parallel…

And don’t imagine that we do not coldly calculate the price of a human life. In 1974, the speed limit was lowered to 55 mph to conserve oil. That also led to a dramatic drop in traffic fatalities — approximately 3,000 lives every year. This didn’t stop us, after the oil crisis, from raising the speed limit back to 65 and beyond — knowing that thousands of Americans would die as a result.

The calculation was never explicit, but it was nevertheless real. We were quite prepared to trade away a finite number of human lives for speed, and for the efficiency and convenience that come with it.

(HT: National Review)


Don’t Be Fooled By His Oratory Ability

Thanks to Justin Taylor for posted the below video of Obama giving a speech to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (July 17, 2007). Sometimes we only see him with the American flag draped behind him speaking about more jobs and cleaner air. But, it’s a whole new ballgame when you see the Planned Parenthood logo behind him. Don’t be fooled by his oratory ability. His agenda is clear. Click here to read Justin’s post.

Let’s pray for our leaders realizing that the Lord sets up leaders (kings) and brings them down. Lord, come quickly!

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