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December Sermon Series at Redeemer: “So I Send You”

Jesus had been crucified on a cross, enduring the full wrath of Almighty God. He had been buried. Three days later He rose. He appeared to Mary, and then to his disciples. Then, while his disciples were gathered in a room, after Mary had given them the announcement that Jesus had risen, He appeared to them (when the doors were shut). He showed them his hands and His side. The disciples rejoiced when they saw Him. Then He said:

John 20:21 Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

So, the message of Christmas is not just that Jesus came, but that now He is sending. . . us. This December I will press pause on my sermon series through the Gospel of Mark, to take up, what Hudson Taylor so aptly coined as the Great Commission of Jesus. Each week, we will study a phrase from Matthew 28:18-20. The schedule is below:

December 4th—”We Are Sent.”
December 11th—“We Are Sent to Make Disciples.”
December 18th—“We Are Sent to Make Disciples of All the Nations.”
December 25th—”We Are Sent to Make Disciples of All the Nations, by the Power of the Spirit.”

I hope that you will pray with me for God’s blessing on the teaching of His word this Christmas at Redeemer and in all of our churches, for His glory.


Family Camp ’11 messages from Craig Cabaniss [The Gospel According to Ruth} are now online. . .

This past weekend our church family had the opportunity to retreat together for our annual church Family Camp. This year our speaker was author, pastor and speaker Craig Cabaniss. Craig is the senior pastor of Grace Church in Frisco, TX. He is also a member of the leadership team of Sovereign Grace Ministries and a contributing author to the book Worldliness, recently published by Crossway. He and his wife Ginger have four children.

Over three sessions together, Craig walked through the book of Ruth considering “The Gospel According to Ruth.” The sessions can all be accessed at our sermon page at Here’s an outline of Craig’s messages from Ruth:

Session 1: Grace and the Prodigal Daughter, Ruth 1:1-6

Session 2: God’s Grace to the Bitter and Rejected, Ruth 1:7–2:23

Session 3: God’s Redeeming Grace, Ruth 3-4

I can’t recommend these messages, or the ministry of Craig Cabaniss more highly. Take some time and listen to God’s story of grace in Ruth and be reminded of that story in your own life.

My favorite quote from the weekend summed up the book well: “Grace is always God’s last word to His people.” ENJOY!

Planning Your Menu for 2011–Reading the Bible by Genre

2010 is coming to a close. My practice every year is to spend time evaluating the previous year, making note of evidences of God’s grace, as well as areas of needed grace/improvement/repentance/sanctification etc. Perhaps one of the biggest areas of focus for me centers around this question: “Did I give myself to understanding/reading/memorizing the Scriptures this year,” or the related, “Did I model this for my wife, children, and congregation?” I hope that you will take some time at the close of 2010 to consider these things and move forward into the new year with a renewed passion to treasure Christ through His word.

This next year, our church will be reading the Bible together, but in a slightly different manner. In the past, perhaps you can relate to this, we’ve gone chronologically through the Scriptures–beginning in Genesis and going right through the OT into the New. . . Unfortunately, Leviticus and Numbers can be as far as many people get. This year, we are not proposing that you skip those books (they are inspired and are all about Jesus [Luke 24:25-27]!). We are however offering a different approach–reading the Bible by Genre in 2011. Genre is just a fancy word for type, of Scripture or literature. So, we are suggesting that each week, you read different types of Scripture . . . for example, the first week in January will consist of the opening chapters of Matthew, Genesis, Joshua, Psalms, Job, Isaiah and Romans.

Here’s another way to think about it. . . we are scheduling your dinner time meals for the entirety of next year . . . each week you’ll get to dine at ALL of your favorite restaurants! Excited yet? You will get familiar with each of their menus, service and desserts. . . and your pallet will dance as you go from steak to lobster, to fajitas, to grilled shrimp. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Sunday: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse [Gospels/Acts]
Monday: Cheesecake Factory [Law]
Tuesday: Pappasitos [History]
Wednesday: Red Lobster [Psalms]
Thursday: Taste of Texas [Poetry/Writings] –this is an amazing steakhouse with a salad bar that will probably be in heaven.
Friday: Fogo de Chao [Prophecy/Apocalyptic]
Saturday: Benihana’s [Epistles]

I hope that you will join us on our tour through the Scriptures in 2011. If you don’t read the Bible by genre in 2011, read it chronologically, or pick a book (restaurant) to set up camp in–memorize, read and re-read, trace the argument, ask questions, sink your teeth in! Get so familiar with the waiters that when you walk in the door, they know your name (pardon the Cheers reference)!

You can find a word doc. with our plan here.

Praying that we treasure Christ through His word in 2011!