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The Book of Revelation is Exactly What We Need

I was blessed to be in the seats at Baptist Church of the Redeemer for the six months or so that Jim Hamilton preached through the book of Revelation. I was new to the church and fairly new in pastoral ministry. I remember thinking: “I can’t believe he’s preaching on this!” Don’t get me wrong, I believed that all of the Bible was true and profitable for the body of Christ. But, admittedly my interaction with friends and other pastors on Revelation had always produced more fear and confusion for me than edification.

But, I was struck by how clear and powerful the sermon series proved to be. Jim did not overwhelm us with theories, positions or charts. He simply explained, with passion and gravity, this very important book of the Bible. I remember coming away from those sermons and being more impressed with the beauty, strength and majesty of Jesus than ever before. The “crucified, risen, ascended, reigning and returning” Lord seemed to peer directly at us from the pages of John’s letter on those Sundays. There was expectation for the future, yes but not the kind that leads to speculation and calculation. It was the kind that made obedience in the present all the more attractive and logical. Jesus was real and was coming again. We were confronted with His power and the futility of resisting it.

I’m so thankful that Crossway has seen the blessing and value that these sermons and Jim’s careful study offer for the wider Church. So, I couldn’t be more excited to now hold Revelation, The Spirit Speaks to the Churches in my hands. Pastors, if you’re not familiar with the Preaching the Word commentary series, edited by R. Kent Hughes, you should quickly familiarize yourself. This series has been helpful to me in my preparation through the book of Acts and the gospel of Mark. I know that this latest edition to this reliable series will serve you very well, both as an encouragement to preach on Revelation and as a resource as you go about explaining this glorious book to your congregations.

When Jim stood up to begin the series on Revelation, I admit to having doubts about how applicable this apocalyptic work would be to our church full of normal people with normal needs, too many to mention. Then, near the beginning of his first sermon, he said something like this:

“We have been lulled to sleep by the ordinariness of our lives. Our senses have been dulled by the humdrum of one day after another. We need to see God as he is. We need to be convinced that Jesus is reigning as the risen King. We need to have him speak to the situation in our churches. We need to know that God is right now on his throne, in control in Heaven, worshiped by myriads upon myriads of the heavenly host. We need to see the way that God will pulverize wickedness, obliterate those who oppose him, and set up his kingdom. The book of Revelation has exactly what we need.” –Pg. 18

The book of revelation is exactly what we need. I hope that you will benefit greatly from this new volume and that through it, our confidence in and worship of our reigning and returning King will soar!


Under the Blood: A Sermon Clip [VIDEO]

Jason Allison is a mastermind. His work has shown up on my blog before and will again. He’s creative, gospel-centered and really good at what he does. The video below is a great example of the quality of his work. He took a clip from a sermon I recently preached on the Lord’s Supper and. . . well check it out:

Under The Blood from Jason Allison on Vimeo.

December Sermon Series at Redeemer: “So I Send You”

Jesus had been crucified on a cross, enduring the full wrath of Almighty God. He had been buried. Three days later He rose. He appeared to Mary, and then to his disciples. Then, while his disciples were gathered in a room, after Mary had given them the announcement that Jesus had risen, He appeared to them (when the doors were shut). He showed them his hands and His side. The disciples rejoiced when they saw Him. Then He said:

John 20:21 Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

So, the message of Christmas is not just that Jesus came, but that now He is sending. . . us. This December I will press pause on my sermon series through the Gospel of Mark, to take up, what Hudson Taylor so aptly coined as the Great Commission of Jesus. Each week, we will study a phrase from Matthew 28:18-20. The schedule is below:

December 4th—”We Are Sent.”
December 11th—“We Are Sent to Make Disciples.”
December 18th—“We Are Sent to Make Disciples of All the Nations.”
December 25th—”We Are Sent to Make Disciples of All the Nations, by the Power of the Spirit.”

I hope that you will pray with me for God’s blessing on the teaching of His word this Christmas at Redeemer and in all of our churches, for His glory.

VIDEO: Family Camp 2.0 Sonic Conversation Between Travis & Billy. . .

Big thanks again this year to Jason Allison for putting together the script and video! It was lots of fun. . . and it did get a few laughs.

Visiting Redeemer this Sunday? Here Are Some Major Schedule Changes that You Need to Know (Due to Family Camp)

This Sunday morning the majority of our church will not be at our normal location for worship. We will be at Trinity Pines Retreat Center, at our second annual Family Camp, returning Sunday afternoon.

However, there will be a worship service at Baptist Church of the Redeemer on Sunday. So, if you’re unable to join us for Family Camp, or you’re planning to visit Redeemer, let me encourage you to attend on Sunday. Here are the significant changes that you’ll need to be aware of:

1) Location: The location of our service will be in the same building (Main Building as you come into the campus). We have moved the service from the main sanctuary to a smaller assembly room nearby. You can enter through the same door that you would as if you were heading to the sanctuary and follow the signs and greeters to the proper location.

From the main double doors: Walk down the hall (sanctuary on your left) and take your first right down the hall. Then turn right just before you enter “David’s Hall.” The assembly room will be the first room on your left.

2) Time: The time of our service will be the same as usual: 10:40am.

3) Sunday School & Lunch: There will be no Sunday School or Fellowship lunch this week. We will resume both SS and lunch next week, Lord willing.

4) Childcare: There will be no nursery or children’s church this week. However areas outside of the assembly room will be open to parents if needed.

If you have other questions about this Sunday’s service, please call 832-655-2515.



Redeemer’s New Worship Location Beginning this Sunday

These are exciting days. As many of you already know, we are moving into a time of discussion and prayer about a potential merger with First Baptist Church, Missouri City. If you’ve been around Redeemer for a little while, you’ll know that this possibility has been on our hearts and in our prayers for several years now. Recently FBC decided to move forward with the conversation and we’ve had one meeting together (the first of many) to discuss the possibility of merging our two churches into one. We want to let you know that this will be a process involving much discussion, prayer and deliberation.

As we begin these discussions about a potential merger, we do have an important announcement to make that will have an immediate impact on our meeting location. First Baptist Church has graciously invited us to begin worshiping in their main sanctuary, located at the entrance of the campus, beginning this Sunday, August 28th. As was announced last Sunday, we will continue to meet in the Family Life Center for Sunday school, and our fellowship lunch following our time of worship. Our worship time will remain the same, beginning at 10:40am.

So, let me ask you to be prepared to be flexible and ready for a few changes in our normal routine over the next few weeks. Small changes will occur as we discover the most efficient ways to transition back and forth and as we work out all of the details that go along with a new worship location. We greatly appreciate your patience and help. Please continue to pray for God’s leading in our discussions about the potential opportunity to merge with FBC. We are so thankful for the opportunity to minister in this community, with this group of Christ followers. What a privilege!

A Night of Prayer at Redeemer

Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matt. 9:37-38)

We’d like to gather as a church, on Friday night, August, 5th, to humble ourselves before the Lord of the Harvest, as ask for laborers, for harvests, for open doors, for wisdom, for healing and for more and more of Him. Would you join us?

Our night will be structured in such a way as to pray for various areas of life at our church, along with some time for worship and fellowship. More details will be made available soon, but here are the nuts and bolts:

Date: Friday night, August 5th
Times: Begin at 7:00pm. End: 10:00pm (or whenever everyone leaves!)
Location: Baptist Church of the Redeemer
Snacks and coffee will be provided

Please RSVP to join us for this night of prayer as we seek the Lord together.

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Got Plans This Weekend? Join me at at Fresh Spring Baptist Church in Angleton, TX

I am honored to get to preach at FSBC’s Anniversary Revival is this weekend, June 24-26th.

Here are the details/schedule if you’d like to come out sometime this weekend:

Friday, 7pm
Pastor Travis Cardwell
Fellowship to follow: ice cold watermelon

Saturday, 7pm
Pastor Bill Streger
Fellowship to follow: Homemade Ice Cream

Sunday, 11am
Pastor David Catoe

Sunday, 6pm
Bro Cody Trevino
BBQ and water slide (slide will be up early at 5pm)

FSBC will be presenting the Peasant Saints w/ a love offering to purchase a video camera and to purchase Bibles and tracts.

Please join us in praying for this weekend’s services and outreaches.

David Catoe
Fresh Spring Baptist Church
Angleton, TX

Good Friday Service at Redeemer

Dear Friends of Redeemer,

We would like to invite you and your friends and family, to join us for our first Good Friday service at Baptist Church of the Redeemer, on Friday, April 22nd at 6:30pm. We hope to gather and reflect on the Cross of Jesus Christ through Scripture reading, song and teaching. It is such a paradox to reflect on the Cross of Christ. We come with sorrow, at the greatest tragedy in the history of the world. But the exact same event purchased eternal life for all those who would repent and believe.

John Stott captures our purpose for this evening well in the opening sentences of his book, The Cross of Christ:

“Our sins put Him there. So far from offering us flattery, the cross undermines our self-righteousness. We can stand before it only with a bowed head and a broken spirit. And there we remain until the Lord Jesus speaks to our hearts his word of pardon and acceptance, and we, gripped by his love and brimful of thanksgiving, go out into the world to live our lives in his service.”

It is our prayer that this will be the case for each of us as we gather on Good Friday. We will come together at 6:30pm for our service which will be followed by a short time of fellowship in the gym. Please do plan to join us and to invite your friends and neighbors to hear the most important story ever told!

We sing the praise of him who died,

Of Him who died upon the cross;

The sinner’s hope let men deride,

For this we count the world but loss.

Good Friday Details:

Location: Baptist Church of the Redeemer, 2106 Fifth Street, Missouri City, TX 77489 (MAP)
We meet on the campus of First Baptist Church, Missouri City, in the Family Life Center.

When: 6:30–7:30pm, fellowship and snacks to follow.

Childcare: We plan to provide a nursery for children 2 years and under.

RSVP: Please RSVP here.