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Under the Blood: A Sermon Clip [VIDEO]

Jason Allison is a mastermind. His work has shown up on my blog before and will again. He’s creative, gospel-centered and really good at what he does. The video below is a great example of the quality of his work. He took a clip from a sermon I recently preached on the Lord’s Supper and. . . well check it out:

Under The Blood from Jason Allison on Vimeo.


VIDEO: Family Camp 2.0 Sonic Conversation Between Travis & Billy. . .

Big thanks again this year to Jason Allison for putting together the script and video! It was lots of fun. . . and it did get a few laughs.

What Do You Do at Family Camp?

All the information for Family Camp 2011 can be found here.

Thanks to Jason Allison again for his wonderful video work!

Batting Practice at Minute Maid Park

Big thanks to Mark Jacob who invited us to take some BP at Minute Maid Park recently. The professional scouts that were filming this allowed me to share this here, but please don’t show this to other professional teams. We have already verbally committed to the Astros for 2011.

The “Church Office” Video from Family Camp 2010

Here it is. . . the video that introduced our Family Camp this year—an exclusive look at the elders ironing out the final details of our retreat.

Big thanks to Jason Allison for his wonderful work on this video. It could not have turned out better. Let me preface this video with a few things:

1) If you are new to Redeemer, this will become funnier as you stick around. . . and see how we are making fun of ourselves. If you’ve been around a while, prepare to laugh.

2) My son (Brayton) actually got hit will a baseball at Family Camp. He has still has the baseball threads on his forehead to prove it. You’ll see the irony when you watch the video.

3) No we are not endorsing the television show, The Office. We simply thought the format would provide a hilarious context to make fun of ourselves and get folks excited about Family Camp. I hope it worked!

What Does Greek Have to do With the Gospel?

Bill Mounce is a hoss. He is a stud. He is the man. He knows Greek–he writes text books that I read in seminary and that I still look at often when I’m puzzled over a word. But his study is not purely academic. His desire is not to encourage Bible geeks, but to feed our understanding of God and the gospel. Studly.

Every Monday, you can visit this blog for a series called Monday’s with Mounce. Here he takes something that he’s learning and shares it with a growing audience of readers. . . Here’s his take on the series, which I highly recommend you subscribe to:

HT: Koinonia

The Folly of Idolatry

I preached a sermon on Sunday (August 2nd) regarding Idolatry from Acts 16:22-40. Then I saw the below video on Justin Taylor’s blog…Check it out.

(HT: Andy Naselli on Between Two Worlds)