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Attention Fort Bend County Folks: Meet David Hamilton (running for State Rep)

To my friends who live in Fort Bend County, (especially Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, or Stafford)

I don’t do political ads, much here (as you know), but indulge me. I’d like for you to take a few minutes to consider the below, regarding the upcoming election for State Representative. My good friend David Hamilton is running, and he’s worth the next two minutes of your time.

David Hamilton (R-Missouri City) is challenging incumbent Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) for State Representative in House District 27, which covers Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, Stafford, and most of Missouri City. Hamilton says Reynolds’ legal troubles make him unfit for public office, and he believes Fort Bend County should replace him with a leader we can trust.


“In researching the elected officials whose decisions impact me and my family, I came across my opponent’s legal troubles and that is why I am running against him,” Hamilton says. “He has been arrested twice on felony charges. In November 2013 he was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury on ten felony counts, and this month the Texas Bar Association filed a civil lawsuit against him for violating their code of ethics for Texas lawyers.”


Hamilton says he has spoken with several Democrats in House District 27 who are upset that they do not have another candidate in the Democratic primary. Hamilton was asked what he says to those Democratic voters.


“I tell them that they do have another candidate in the general election in November.  I am running as a Republican, but I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a Texan first.  I will never go along with the Republican Party if they ever ask me to do something that goes against my faith or what is best for my family and the people of Fort Bend County.”


David and his wife Katie have one son named Brad, who is almost two years old, and they are expecting their second child in August. Hamilton says both of his parents are retired public school teachers, so public education has always been a priority for his family. He believes that teachers, parents, and local school boards should have the primary responsibility for making education decisions, rather than state or federal politicians.


He also believes that Fort Bend County parents should not have to move to save their children from a failing school. “We have some excellent schools in Fort Bend County, but unfortunately we also have some schools that are struggling. I support tax breaks for parents who decide that homeschool or a private school is best for their children, in addition to giving parents the freedom to send their kids to a better nearby public school without having to move.”


Hamilton pledges to be a leader we can trust who will serve the people he represents rather than a political party or special interest group. His campaign website is http://www.Hamilton4TX.com and http://www.facebook.com/Hamilton4TX is his campaign facebook page.

– Pol. adv. for David Hamilton campaign for HD27 State Rep –

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